An Exquisite Name in the Wine Industry

When it comes to good quality wine, Armenia is considered the crib where wine production was practically born. The country is where the oldest winery was discovered which is believed to be more than 6, 100 years old. Thus, owing to the vast vineyards and improvement in quality, Armenian wine is one of the most popular widely accepted wines around the world. The wine industry has been following a trend where the oldest is being rediscovered, revived, re-imagined and they are in demand as consumers are looking for a different taste. 

Why is Wine from Armenia so Popular?

Armenia is home to massive vineyards and they grow a wide variety of grapes for the wineries even though the climate is not the most favorable for growing grapes. The wine industry in the country has witnessed major growth and massive modernization in the recent few years. Among all the wines, Armenia produces a variety of red and white wines. The most popular kind of grape that is grown in Armenia is called Areni Noir which is used for the production of red wine and most red wines are usually sweet or semi-sweet.

The Wine Festivals are Worth Being a Part of

Owing to the Armenian Wine, the country has become a popular attraction for wine lovers around the round. The Armenia Wine Festival is held on the first Saturday of October every year, and it has eventually evolved to be one of the most essential celebrations of the country. This festival involves the tourists as well as the citizens to travel to the heart of the Vayots Dzor wine region. Here, over 150 producers showcase their finest productions along with commercial wineries. The place even offers accommodation and the festival runs till the last drop of wine.


What are the Three Varieties of Grapes Used For Winemaking?

Armenia has been mixing the old techniques and modern technologies to create a remarkably newer taste and kind of wine. Winemakers grow a variety of grapes for the production of Armenian Wine but the three essential varieties are as follows:

  • Areni Noir

It is an indigenous variety of red grapes and it is one of a king. This grape does not match any other variety and it is perfectly adapting to the extreme climatic conditions of the Vayots Dzor. 

  • Voskehat

This is among the finest aromatic white grapes that are found in Armenia. The grape has several potentials which are yet to be discovered by the producers. 

  • Khndoghni

These red grapes are used in the production of premium quality wine and they are generally found in the Artsakh region. The wine produced with these grapes is considered to be cellar wine as they are aged in barrels and bottles. They act as an excellent service with meat dishes.

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