Can Beeswax Wrap Keep the Food Fresh for A Long Time?

Whenever you go grocery shopping, you would likely contemplate about the quantity of vegetable, fruits, bread and herbs you can buy at a time so that it remains fresh after the first usage. Many find it quite a hassle to frequent the store to buy food and grocery. It is also not unusual to store leftover foods. It would be such a waste if the food does not remain fresh.

Even when you refrigerate some food items, it might become stale easily. One of the recent successful eco-friendly options is beeswax wraps. You can easily wrap vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs with this and increase their shelf life. Companies like Beeswax Wraps and Dulwich Kitchen follow the motto of zero waste and strive towards creating a green planet. Their wraps are all handmade from locally sourced beeswax of UK. They avoid using irritants like oils and pine resins. 

What Are Beeswax Wraps?

Beeswax wrap is a biodegradable and recyclable material used for wrapping food. It is generally a coated fabric (cotton) which is infused with pure food grade beeswax and oils. It can be cleaned and reused. It can also mould around bowls and food containers.

How Does It Keep the Food Fresh for a long time?

This kind of wrap fares better both in terms of keeping food fresh for a longer period of time and having natural components. Plastic wraps on foods make them sweat and it easily loses freshness. Moreover, it pollutes the environment greatly.

On the other hand, the beeswax food wraps lock the food’s moisture and at the same time permits it to breathe freely. It is best for keeping unused or cut foods. When you keep cheese in the refrigerator it turns hard, but not with beeswax wrap. It is water resistant and doesn’t allow bacteria to grow. Therefore, it is useful in covering foods both inside the refrigerator and outside too.

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