Did You Know The Disparity Between Sweet, Yellow, and Other Onions?

You can find different colored onions in the market. Sweet, red, white, and even light Yellow Onion can be seen. However, the use of white onions is more common in Mexican kitchens and the red and yellow one is commonly used in the Indian subcontinent. 

Moreover, you can see a bit of difference between sweet, red, yellow, and white onions.

Let’s See The Major Differences Between The 4 Types Of Onions.

  • Sweet Onion

The larger size and thinner skin make Sweet Onion different from other onions. The sweet taste of this onion makes you feel as you are eating fruit. The sweet one was first introduced to a retired French soldier in the Pacific Northwest that brought seeds from Corsica.

Sweeter one is also known as summer onion or spring onion. It has a lower amount of sulfur which makes it sweeter than others. However, it is not recommended to store this onion for a longer time. So better to purchase it as much amount and consume when needed.

  • Red Onion

This onion can be recognized with purple skin and a reddish flesh. You can find their taste similar to yellow colored onions, but their layers are somehow less tender and fleshy.

Red Onions are frequently used in salads and salsa. It is reached in fiber. Due to its color combination of red on the outer side and a bit white on the inner side, it beautifies the presentation of any dish if you are serving with a slice of red onion. Whereas while cooking, the pleasant red color washes away.

  • Yellow Onion

The yellow one is a regularly used onion also known for all-purpose. When you will cook it, slowly it will give a sweeter flavor to your dish.

The cover of golden brown color justified its name. Having higher sulfur quantity in Yellow Onion causes to give the yellow or brown shade to its skin. 

  • White Onion

White onions are the lightest of the onion varieties, for this reason, you will like to use white onions in salads and sandwiches, and other dishes. If you want to eat a raw onion then better to go with white onion.

White onions are lighter in taste and its cover is also too thin. To intake it into a raw form, you can also cut them into many pieces and soak it in cold water. If you keep it for an hour, it will give you a better taste.

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