Top 5 essential coffee brewing gadgets

Home brewing has never been so trendy – but what do you need in order to brew a good cup of joe?

Hammersmith coffee shop Carbon Kopi has all the goods you need to complete your home brewing station including whole coffee beans available on retail.

Here are their top picks of coffee accessories for 2020:

  1. Grinder

You can’t go wrong with a good, solid Wilfa Svart grinder. Best suited to grinding filter coffee beans, this reliable piece of kit comes with five different grind settings and has an easily adjustable timer. Chosen by home baristas the world over, this grinder is quieter than most grinders on the market and, as a result, heat is also minimised, protecting the full flavours of the beans used.

Intelligently designed, its coffee container and tray utilises a UV filter to further protect the beans from any exposure to sunlight.

There are many coffee blogs dedicated to brewing coffee from home that have documented the best settings to adjust your grind in order to achieve the best results regardless of brewing method.

  1. Peak Water

You can’t make coffee without water, and filtration is everything. With Peak Water, you can achieve optimum results with your water, which in turn, affects how your coffee is brewed.

This Kickstarter-funded gadget has revitalised the way water is filtered for coffee wherever you are with test kits that detect the level of hardness in your water. Through this testing process, users will then know how to adjust the settings on their Peak Water jug, ensuring optimal mineral levels for brewing coffee.

  1. Aeropress

One of the best known coffee gadgets for those on the go, this easy-to-use, easy-to-clean highly transportable accessory brews coffee quickly and with minimal fuss. Often favoured by those who prefer stronger and darker espresso-style roasts, the Aeropress works by pushing brewed coffee through a filter by plunging through its tube-like chamber.

This handheld, manual method is so popular that thousands each year perfect their art to enter the World Aeropress Championships.

  1. Chemex

Light, clean, and easy on the eye, the hourglass-shaped Chemex has become a household favourite to grace the kitchen bench.

Known for its pure properties and glass that does not impart any flavours or odours, this pourover method is suitable for those who like clarity and simplicity in their coffee.

Easy to clean, and considered a slow brew method, the Chemex is a reliable method for those who enjoy identifying the lighter flavours and tasting notes in the beans they have chosen.

  1. V60

Synonymous with speciality coffee and home brewing, the iconic V-shaped funnel delivers style, and clear results with every cup it brews.

Users can choose for their V60 to be made from a variety of materials including ceramic, plastic, glass or metal.

The ridges on the inside of the device, helps with air flow, so the delicate flavours are not disturbed.

This brew method takes a few minutes, but home baristas are well rewarded with a pure extraction without any sediment.