Varieties of onions & their uses in the food industry

Can you imagine a dish without onions? Onions, garlic & ginger are the three best and most widely used ingredients in the food industry. It helps to add a sweet and earthy flavor to your dishes. Do you know about the varieties of onions available in the market & their benefits? If you don’t have any idea then here you will receive some necessary information.

Sweet onion is an integral part of many cuisines that you eat in your day to day life. There are different types of onions available, and each one consists of its qualities. Most of the people are wondering about when they should use these onions 7 in which recipes. For them, the below-described information is necessary.

Varieties of onions & their uses

  1. Yellow onion

People from America love this onion because of various reasons. It is widely used in cooking because of its deep and not so strong flavor. These are large & tastes slightly sweet. It works well for raw applications. It is also known as Spanish onion that contains a large amount of sulfur. Whenever you have to caramelize the food, then you can use this onion.

It is fantastic in its way and offers an amazing & delicious taste after caramelization. The experts & professional chefs always use this onion when they prepare any roasted recipes. If you want to add a little sweetness and sharpness to your recipe, then add the yellow onion. It is an ideal solution for enhancing the taste of soups, stews & braises.

  1. Red onion

The greatest thing that you can receive from red onion is its sweetness. It offers the best flavor and smell in comparison to the white onion. It contains a high amount of sugars. If you are going to prepare tacos, pizza & fried rice, it will be the best choice. Another great thing is its red hue color. When it comes to grilling the foods, then chefs always pick this one.

  1. Sweet onion

These are mild & crispy, and when it comes to preparing burgers and sandwiches, this one is an ideal solution. It doesn’t provide flavors similar to yellow, but still, it will be a good choice for you. These onions are usually available in the month of march to august. You can store these onions for a long time.

  1. White onion

It is one of the mildest varieties of onion. You can use these onions in salads or sandwiches. If you love to eat raw onion with your meals, then this one is best. To enhance its taste, you can soak it with water. It contains a high level of sugar & a low amount of sulfur. It is similar to a sweet onion.


Besides these, there are few more varieties of options that you can choose from. The other varieties include pearl onions, Shallots, ramps, spring onions & many more! If you want to gain more information regarding the uses & recipes with these onions, then download free cooking applications & prepare delicious food at your home.

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