Yummy Cake Ideas for A Romantic Valentines Day Special

A cake is a mood setter for any occasion, that is why you will hardly find any gathering or event without a cake and a variety of sweet treats. Although we may have many gifting options, there are some activities we cannot substitute from the everyday-to-do list such as eating. With Valentine’s day around the corner, you must have a cake, cupcakes, or chocolates, to present to the love of your life.

To make the best impressions, you will find varieties of cake designs, flavours, and price points from bakery stores offering online cake delivery in Indore, among many other cities in India. You must know a few tricks and ideas to help you find the ideal cake for your better half. In this post, we share some of the yummiest cake ideas for a romantic Valentines Day.

Valentines cakes ideas for Special Couples

All of the delicious cakes mentioned below can be personalised with designs such as heart-shaped cake, photo cake, have a name or message on the cake, and to ingredients of your choice so that your gift fits hand in glove with you and your lover’s preferences.

Chocolate truffle cake

The taste of chocolate is one of the most endowed sensations worldwide. Other than being sweet, chocolates are proven to be healthy, and they also promote good feelings. It is undoubtedly impossible for anyone to resist the tempting and delicious cake. You can have the cake’s design customised.

Valentine hidden heart-shape cake

Keeping the cake a secrete is one of the best moves, you can surprise the love of your life. You present him or her with a Valentine hidden heart-shape cake and see their excitement when they finally find the heart. Hiding surprises will let your loved one discover the gift all by themselves while you will be acting as if it’s just a cake. If you want to propose, you can hide the ring inside. But make sure it’s a sizable object.

Funny themed cakes 

The Valentinesday may be a day for couples to celebrate their love and affection, so this entails that you do not have to keep it decent like you have mass Valentine’s Day. You can have the cake customised with funny quotes, nicknames, and photos. You can be funny and romantic at the same time with the help of experienced bakers who spare no sauce to make your cake a reality.

Red velvet cake 

You can go all Mr or Mrs Valentine’s with the colour of love and affection (red). And the red velvet cake is the best way to show your loved one the extent you can go when it comes to him or her. The cake is made with red colouring, chocolate, and delicious creams. You can have the cake made in a heart-shape or request for a few tweaks on the recipe too.

Valentine proposal cake

Valentines Day is the best day to seal the deal and propose marriage or engagement to the love of your life. You can surprise your loved ones by sending her one of the best gift for valentines which is Valentines cake, but this time with a little difference. Instruct the bakers to have the cake’s decoration completed with a romantic proposal message.

The vibrant fruitcake 

When the stories from fairytales are told, they are expressed in vivid colour background. Make your romantic story to tell the fun, laughter, happiness, and love with a rich fruitcake. This fruitcake has all the love for the sweet tooth and the health-conscious. You have a variety of fruit options depending on your liking. And you can also adjust the ingredients like eggless, sugar-free, and designs.

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