Planning a wedding involves a lot of work, from deciding on a date to picking out a Wedding Catering Toronto to figuring out who is going to sit where. Weddings are a celebration of two families coming together to celebrate love and happiness, but planning it is a very stressful experience. Everything has to be the way you have always imagined it to be. For the wedding to be perfect it comes down to the tiniest of the details. One might think that making a seating chart is easy, but when it comes down to the task it can be extremely daunting as you need to create the chart which focuses on fun. Here is how you can create a perfect seating plan.

Floor plan

Start the planning by making a floor plan of the venue. You need to allocate space for the dance floor, the entertainment, cake, food and entrances and exits. Depending upon the approximate number of guests that would be coming, you could work out a layout for tables which fits perfectly.

The shape of the Table

Most of the times you can fit a rectangular table into any space. But when you opt for a round table, it will give the guests more legroom and they are also seen more like a traditional option. When you opt for a round table, it becomes easier to converse with everyone else who is seated on the table and makes them feel included. All you have to do when opting for a round table is be mindful of the height of the centrepiece as it might block the view and in some situations even prohibit the person from seeing or conversing with the person who is sitting directly opposite to them.

Place The Parents

The parents of the married couple traditionally share the same table as the bride and groom on the reception, where the grandparents and siblings who aren’t in the bridal party are also seated. This can be a bit tricky for the children who have divorced or separated parents, especially if wasn’t a clean break. In such situations, some of the couples decide to place each parent on a separate table which has family members or friends seated in order to reduce any chances of hostility. However, if you are still unsure then you could have the discussion with your parents before making any decision.

Ask for Help

There is no doubt about the fact that crafting a perfect seating arrangement can be overwhelming. Here you could consider asking your parents to help you out. They could be a huge help in understanding the group dynamic and placing the people together.

Categorize the guest list

You could group the guests on the basis of how you know them. When making lists of how to group the guests, resist the urge of making a singles table as it might embarrass some guests or seat an unmarried friend at a table of married guests.


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