How to choose a Pod Coffee Machine 

Lovers of coffee with barista quality have a wide variety of coffee cups machine they can choose from. Instead of buying a fully automatic espresso machine, a cup machine is a better option because it is cheaper and can easily fit a small space in the counter. Besides that, you do not need the experience of a barista to be able to brew your espresso. 

How much is a coffee machine with cups? 

There are good entry-level coffee machines with cups that cost about €75 to €100 but make sure to pay attention to the machine’s system. Since there is no brand that works compatibly with other brands, check out the price of the cups before you buy a coffee capsule machine. If you are willing to spend €125 and more, it is very likely that the coffee cup machine allows frothing and heating milk through a separate device with a steam pipe. Coffee capsule machines that cost more than €450 have additional features, more robust construction and aesthetic designs that justify the expensive price. 

How to choose the coffee cups machine that will suit your lifestyle

While price is an important factor, the pod coffee machine must suit your lifestyle. If you are the only coffee drinker in the home, a better option is the less elaborate coffee machines. If you are fond of gadgets and technology, a cup machine with Bluetooth capability will fit you perfectly. You can also choose based on design and aesthetics or whether the coffee machine includes a separate or integrated milk frother. 

There are two ways to make frothy cappuccinos, latte or flat whites. The first option is through the use of dried or UHT milk cups. The other option is a cups machine with patented milk frothing system that includes touchscreen technology. There is also an intuitive interface to set the machine according to preferences. 

There are smaller pod coffee machines with easy to use cups. The machine knows how much water has to be used because each cup has a barcode. The cups coffee machine will inform the user if the machine has to be de-scaled or if the water tank is almost empty. This is perfect for those who prioritize efficiency and convenience. 

A large coffee machine with 1.2-litre tank is great for a large household of coffee drinkers. Jazz plays softly in background to create a perfect café experience. However, large coffee machines often come with 36 different settings for both hot and cold drinks. You may require some experience before you could make a great cup of coffee. 

Do you want to prepare coffee while in bed? There is a capsule coffee machine with an app that allows you to place a cup in advance so that you can wake to the aroma of coffee. It has a high price tag that can be justified by the number of features. 


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