Finding New Jersey Food Trucks for Wedding Catering

New Jersey food trucks are simply perfect for catering for special occasions such as Wedding Catering. Having a food truck catering for weddings is a unique and different way to make a wedding reception that is one that many will never forget.

Many options

As weddings are becoming more and more focused on the guest experience, NJ food truck catering is one of the best ways to make certain that you have an event that is memorable. This can mean several things including:

  • Serving snacks prior to the ceremony.
  • Elaborate grazing table at cocktail hour.
  • Elevated zero-proof cocktails at the bar.

These are just three options of many to make something unique in wedding catering so food truck wedding catering has become quite popular. 


At first glance, a food truck wedding seems much more cost-effective than one that is catered by a professional catering service. In most cases, the initial estimates for the later may come back at $100 per person, while the estimates for the former come back at around $15.00. As you can see that is a huge difference, but it is important to realize that a quote from a food truck is highly likely not to be all-inclusive. A traditional catering quote will usually include:

  • Rentals
  • Staffing
  • Beverage-dessert service

Food trucks usually bring their food as well as the truck – not much more than that – but then do you need anymore!


Another element that needs to be considered is insurance. Professional vendors will usually their own insurance to cover events but the same is not always true for a food truck that does not ordinarily work the party route. If something goes wrong, those costs could fall back on you – the event planner – so you will want to make certain the truck that you book has all their paperwork in order. 

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