How to get General Restaurant License in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is regarded as the culinary capital of Asia, and the region offers a wide variety of food and beverages from all around the world. Thus, the food and beverage industry is thriving. 

To start a food and beverage business in Hong Kong, you should first obtain the necessary permits. One of the most important licenses is the general restaurant License. On the other hand, you can buy an existing restaurant, and for  business buy sell, Easy Buy Sell Business, a business sales portal is the right place.

Following is the procedure for obtaining a general restaurant license in Hong Kong:

General restaurant license is obtained from the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

Submission of necessary documents

You need to submit the following licenses:

  • Record of ownership’s true certified copy
  • A copy of the document from board resolution that confirms the entitled person to represent business during the application process of license
  • The most recent annual return of the company’s certified true copy
  • Notice of situation of registered office’s genuine accredited copy
  • A valid, true copy of articles of association of the company
  • A true certified copy of the company’s incorporation certificate
  • Certified copy of company’s business registration certificate
  • Three certified copies of the business layout plan. The entire compartment like the store, kitchen, refreshment area, and preparation area are shown in layout.

Application to obtain a general restaurant license

After receiving the application by FEHD, you need to forward the copy of documents along with the proposed layout and application form to the Building and Fire Services Department for approval.

Screening of the layout plan

FEHD conducts screening of proposed layouts to ensure that all the necessary requirements are addressed, and outcomes would be shared with applicants within ten working days.

Inspection of site

The building department, fire service department and FEHD inspect the site individually to check the appropriateness of proposed business.

Vetting panel meeting

The applicant would meet with officers of three departments for a vetting panel meeting where the applicant’s proposed construction programs and problem areas would be discussed. This is done within ten days of the site inspection.

Issue the letter of licensing requirement

After receiving feedback from the building department and fire service department, the FEHD would issue the applicant’s letter of licensing requirement.

Fulfil the criteria given by FEHD

Applicants need to complete all the criteria addressed by FEHD in the letter of licensing requirement within six months and report their agreement for the verification process.

Final verification

Final verification is done by FEHD within ten working days.

Issue of the general restaurant license to the applicant

After FEHD does the final verification, if all the premises and requirements are found satisfactory, they would issue a general restaurant license to the applicants after collecting necessary fees. After final confirmation, the process takes about seven days.

Online license tracking facility is provided by FEHD, which helps to track the process easily.

After following the above-mentioned steps, it is relatively easy to obtain a general restaurant license. If someone is looking for business for sale Hong Kong, Easy Buy Sell Business would be their ideal destination.







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