Planning a corporate event in Montreal? Find the right venue!

Many businesses in Quebec and other parts of Canada prefer to organize their corporate events in Montreal. Known for its contemporary vibe, rich history, and unparalleled landscapes, Montreal offers the perfect backdrop for both personal and business events. If you are in charge of finding a venue for a corporate event in Montreal, below is a guide that will come in handy. 

  1. Go the unconventional way. Instead of choosing a standard banquet hall or a meeting room for your corporate event, you may want to consider something that’s offbeat but professional enough. Check for options such as Riverside bar St Henri, which offer personalized options, depending on the type of event being organized. 
  2. Think of your requirements. Is this more of a casual event? Or do you need a complete venue with audio and sound equipment for that formal appeal? Are you planning a training event for employees? Depending on the needs of the event, find a venue that would make more sense. 
  3. Accessibility is a must. Eventually, the goal of a corporate event is to have 100% attendance, and for that, the location has to be accessible for the guests. Make sure that the location isn’t too far away from the busy business world of Montreal.
  4. Check the cost. The cost of renting a corporate event venue depends on many factors, including what is included in the price. Many venues offer their own catering and other services, so you may have to settle for a fixed estimate based on the number of guests. The idea is to have as much flexibility as possible, but a ready deal may not be a bad option, especially if you are tight on budget. 
  5. Think of brand value. While comparing venues, make sure to consider if the venue would work for your brand’s value and standing. Many corporate events are organized in unique, unconventional locations in Montreal, simply because brands don’t want to overwhelm the guests and participants with a formal settling.

Finally, make sure that you check the food and entertainment options at a venue. You would want guests to have a good time, and the menu on offer should be enticing enough. For catering, ask for menus in advance and do a sampling. Spending a tad more on a venue that works for your brand is never a bad deal, especially if you have a good location, enough space for parking, and basic essentials in place.    

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