Pops & Poosh Caribbean Kitchen Unveil the Secret of flavorful Haitian Snacks

Patties are considered street food in different countries as they offer a very flexible food option. Different countries have a traditional way to prepare these quick-bites using a wide assortment of stuffing. No doubt, you will just gobble the food once it is kept platted in front of you.

Pops & Poosh Caribbean Kitchen has a unique method of prepare authentic Haitian patties. Parnell Gervais and Wagner Gervais, also known as the Gervais brothers initiated the food outlet for the food freaks to savor the traditionally prepared Caribbean dishes. The family business, though run by the brothers, but the pillar behind preparing the signature dishes are their parents.

These Haitian snacks are quite popular in the food joint as it an affordable way to satiate hunger for the customers. The food outlet is aware that the Caribbean dishes are certainly a blend of flavor and tradition, and thus they try their best to uphold that quality to mesmerize the customers. People of New York are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to taste the aromatic foods.

The quick bite in Pops & Poosh Caribbean Kitchen is stuffed with either traditionally prepared chicken, lamb, beef or cod-fish stuffing. Veg stuffing is another option that the food joint offers for the customers. Interestingly, the family-owned business has invested a lot of ideas in crafting the menu, which speaks about weekend special rice and bean or peas along with the choice of meat. Truly, it is a one-stop solution for people looking for authentic Caribbean dishes right in New York.

The business is ideologically involved in social causes and thus contributes 10% of the sales figure to feed the school students in Haiti. Amazingly, their social involvement sets an example for others to support unprivileged kids all across the world.