Top 5 Most Popular Savory Snacks in the US

A simple trip to a US supermarket can indicate the importance of snacks to an average American. A snack is technically any food that one eats between two meals in small quantities. Pretzels, crackers, crisps, chips, cakes, cookies, biscuits, jello, pop tarts- the list of savory US snacks goes on forever and ever. Let’s find out the top five US snacks that dominate the US snack market.

  • Cheerios

Cheerios are a widely popular fantastic breakfast and snack option, especially among kids. Primarily made of whole grain oats, corn, starch, sugar, tripotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, and lots of vitamins, it is a tasty yet healthy food choice. But, are cheerios vegan? No- because Vit D3 and calcium carbonate in cheerios are non-vegan. Regardless of this, one can get a variety of flavored cheerios- both vegan and non-vegan.

  • Chips

Chips have successfully maintained its position as one of the top five snacks not just in the US, but also worldwide. Laura Scudder introduced the process of pre-bagging chips to America in 1926, and these chips have been ruling the snack counters ever since. There’s no shortage of types and flavors of chips. Even if you don’t fancy potatoes, there are corn chips with their varieties of textures and flavors as well.

  • Popcorn

Popcorn is an all-time, light-weight healthy snack enjoyed by people of all ages. Similar to ‘are cheerios vegan?’, here comes yet another question: are popcorns vegan? Cheerios are certainly not vegan, but popcorns are. When you heat corn kernels, the hull pops, and thus we get popcorn. But if you add additional flavors, butter, or cheese to it, you’ll get non-vegan popcorn. You may not know this, but natural flavors may contain animal products in minimal quantities.

  • Crackers

This flat and dry snack of baked variety consists of flour (along with herbs and other seasonings) and is quite multifunctional. Why multifunctional? One can enjoy it independently as a snack, as well as along with other items like soup, cheese, dips, sauces, jam, peanut butter, etc. This classic snack comes in many varieties and flavors too!

  • Granola Bars

The sweet, chewy, and crunchy snack of a granola bar is quickly becoming more and more popular amid the health-savvy new generation. A traditional granola bar has rolled oats, dry fruits, nuts, and honey compressed into a portable bar. Not only are these bars convenient and pocket-friendly, but these bars are also full of fibers and proteins. This amazing healthy snack comes with different flavors too, which also contributes to its popularity as a savory US snack.

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