3 Easy Dishes To Impress Your Colleagues With

Picking lunch on your own is simple. Selecting lunch for a whole team, be it friends, loved ones or co-workers? Not such a piece of cake. Creating fast and effortless lunch ideas for an occasion that will gratify several people’s taste suggests there ought to always be some dependable go-to recipes in your arsenal. To give you an idea, we have featured some of our favourite dishes from our cooking course Singapore school programmes.

Grazing Plate

Nothing like filling everyone up on a tasty selection of nibbles they can select ‘n’ blend themselves! Obtain innovative with your presentation and fill up a big plate or table to the brim for a quick lunch concept that offers the perception of an abundant feast. Incorporate charcuterie and cheeses with olives, dried fruits, fresh fruit, crackers, dips, nuts, pastes, breads, chocolate and more. Outline all your biggest items first, followed by your serving tools, medium and small items. Complete by filling up the gaps with draped bunches of grapes, small dishes of nuts, jars of toothpicks (and even more chocolate).


Oats are abundant in both soluble and insoluble fiber which keeps you feeling fuller longer, provide vital minerals, and are rich in antioxidants too, making the humble oat among the most powerful breakfast choices around.

Oats are best for eating both warm (porridge with fruit, flavors and/or nut butter … mmm) and cold– yet if you’re eating them cool, submerging them prior makes them more quickly digestible. The best means to do this is by making “overnight oats”– a combination of fruit, grains, raw rolled oats, milk and/or yoghurt. Use 4-5 tbsps of oats, a tablespoon of chia seeds to bind all of it nicely, some sliced fruit and nuts and enough fluid to cover everything. Stir well and keep in the refrigerator over night. Make them the night in the past, or make a huge batch on Sunday and portion them out for fast, healthy and balanced breakfasts across the week.Done!


Pancakes make any Sunday early morning much better, however there’s no necessity for the high-carb, high-grain, sweet variation. Ever come across two-ingredient pancakes? If not, it most likely seems too good to be real– however trust us, it’s not.

Don’t believe it? Merely mash a ripe banana, include two eggs, whisk, and cook in spoonful sizes for around 30 secs on each side. If you favor a more typical, doughier texture, a scoop of vanilla protein powder can aid. You might intend to include a dash of salt, or cinnamon, or even stir in some berries before you prepare. Or else, serve berries on the top, in addition to a drizzle of maple syrup or a press of lemon juice. Happiness.

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