3 Great Food For Event Breakfast Catering

Choosing meals on your own is basic. Picking meal plans for an entire team, be it friends, family or co-workers? Not such a piece of cake. Coming up with fast and easy breakfast ideas for a mini party catering that will please numerous people’s taste indicates there ought to constantly be some reliable go-to dishes in your arsenal.


Yes, sandwiches are a traditional, but also for a reason. They’re a fuss-free vehicle for obtaining a variety of textures and flavours into one easy-to-eat bundle, and they commonly don’t call for any kind of cooking.

Keep the sandwiches and wraps for any kind of organization meetings tiny and light. White bread is constantly a sure thing (trim the crusts and slice to produce fragile finger sandwiches), but adding alternatives like sourdough, rye, bagels or paninis provides some extra wow element– and don’t forget to include at least one bread that is gluten-free.

Boost your choices with some premium sandwich fillings such as:.

  • Chicken, pesto, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic drizzle
  • Pear slices, goat’s cheese, chopped walnuts, and sprouts
  • Smoked salmon, cucumber, and herbed cream cheese

Smoothie mixes

Shakes are extremely easy to create (and make you feel like a pro when you work up a specifically delicious blend).

By selecting your ingredients wisely, smoothies can be an among the best healthy and balanced breakfast ideas for weight reduction, too, as they’re a dietary powerhouse filled with anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein. By selecting intelligently to add low sugar fruit, protein powder and greens, you can prepare a healthy and mouth-watering breakfast in a snap. 

Jazz them up with superfood powders, oats, seeds or nut butter to add fibre, good fats and antioxidants. For a super-creamy appearance, freeze your banana or avocado chunks initially– and pro tip: make some pre-packed smoothie mix bags and freeze over the weekend– then each morning all you have to do is pour into a blender or food processor, and whizz.

If you’re not a fan of drinking your breakfast, smoothie bowls are a similarly healthy and balanced (and Instagrammable) way to begin the day. Simply add less liquid to your blend (whizz in pulses, scraping down the sides of the mixer) to give it the thickness of soft serve, top with chopped fruit, nuts and seeds, and watch those double-taps roll in.


Pancakes make any Sunday early morning much better, yet there’s no requirement for the high-carb, high-grain, sweet variation. Ever before come across two-ingredient pancakes? If not, it probably sounds too good to be real– however trust us, it’s not.

Do not believe it? Just mash a ripe banana, add in two eggs, whisk, and cook in spoonful sizes for around 30 secs on each side. If you prefer an even more traditional, doughier texture, a spoonful of vanilla protein powder can assist. You may wish to include a dash of salt, or cinnamon, and even stir in some berries before you cook. Or else, serve berries on top, along with a drizzle of syrup or a press of lemon juice. Happiness.

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