Most Popular Types Of Wine: The Top Seven

There are hundreds of various grape varieties. People often find it challenging to select when they buy wines online at Black Hearts and Sparrows. Each wine has characteristics that complement different dishes and events.

White wine

The primary ingredient for making this type of wine is white grapes. Winemakers separate the skins from the juice before the fermentation process.


This medium to full-bodied white wine is available worldwide. It is the most famous wine varietal in America. People prefer Chardonnay that has a buttery mouthfeel and oaked-aged. Winemakers combine crisp fruit flavors, like apple and pear, with citrus aromas. It has hints of spice and vanilla, making Chardonnay a perfect pair for creamy sauces or chicken dishes.

Pinot Grigio

This quintessential Italian white wine is light, dry, and refreshing. It often has crisp apple or pear flavors. More medium-bodied wines with floral aromas and minerality are also frequently produced. Those wines undergo a different style of cultivation. The typical name for the latter is Pinot Gris rather than Pinot Grigio. Seafood, especially shellfish, is perfect for both Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio.


Riesling, the flagship wine of Germany, originated in the Rhine Valley. Most people consider this as sweet and acidic at first taste. It then balances out with honey flavors and minerality. Spicy Asian cuisines and rich food usually go well with Riesling.

Sauvignon Blanc

A light, dry, and crisp white wine, Sauvignon Blanc has citrus notes and grassy aromas. The wine has spice and vanilla flavors when aged in oak. A lot of people choose this wine when they have grilled chicken or vegetables. It is also a perfect pair for scallops and other shellfishes.

Red wine

For red wine, makers use darker red or black grapes. The skins stay on the grapes during the fermentation process.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This full-bodied red wine is rich and robust. Cabs, as most people call this wine, is usually aged in French oak. Winemakers combine dark fruit flavors with spices and other earthy aromas. A juicy steak or other red meat is a perfect pair for a glass of this sophisticated red wine.


This versatile wine has a range of various styles. Zinfandel is usually aged in American oak, giving its jam-like ripe fruit flavor some earthy spiciness. Also famous for being one of the more alcoholic wine types, Zinfandel offers a rich punch. It is excellent with a wide variety of food but best paired with smoked or grilled meats.

Pinot Noir

A light to medium-bodied red wine, Pinot Noir is smooth and fruit-forward. It has red-fruit aromas and a hint of spices and earthiness. A great Pinot Noir is usually known for a long, lingering finish, which is the best pair for wild game or veal.

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