The Long List of Exotic Fruits You Would Like to Be At

They have now become an increasingly constant presence in the supermarket counter, while once they were consumed only on special occasions, such as Christmas or other holidays. Here we list some of the exotic fruits now present in all Italian supermarkets, and often also at the greengrocer or at the local market, avoiding to mention those that everyone knows and consume habitually by now.


The Litchi is the “desert cherry”, a fruit from the wrinkled skin and fleshy and white flesh. A true concentrate of virtues, it is excellent for anyone with circulation problems due to the strong presence of vitamin B3, Plus vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals and fiber. Taking it regularly improves general well-being and is worth looking for in supermarkets.


Among the less common, but increasingly sought after, is Durian. This fruit does not look great, having a rough and thorny shell and a peculiar smell, but its pulp is sweet and soft. Here too we find a large percentage of antioxidants, anticancer powers due to the presence of flavonoids and is an anti-inflammatory and antiviral. It also appears to be a good aphrodisiac as well.

Exotic fruit on everyone’s table


The coconut is an exotic fruit, but now it seems the house. Who doesn’t know the hard shell that contains a candid, sweet and fragrant pulp? Used for many uses, for ice creams and drinks, the properties of coconut are above all the richness of fiber, mineral salts and potassium: it is easy to imagine how useful it is for athletes. Among the advantages, also the help that the coco offers to fight bad cholesterol and the ability to accelerate the metabolism.


The ‘ Avocado is well known, not only for the well-known aphrodisiac properties, but also because despite being among the exotic fruit, the more fat, fighting the sense of hunger and lowers cholesterol. His are “good fats “like omega 3, and here too we find a good percentage of vitamins A and  E , antioxidants par excellence.


Orange, soft and sweet, Papaya comes from Brazil, but is also grown in the Mediterranean. In addition to the very pleasant taste, Papaya has many virtues that make it a fruit to love.

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory, very effective against menstrual pain
  • Invigorates bones and improves skin and hair beauty.

A curiosity: the pulp applied to dark circles or skin spots, even those caused by pregnancy, manage to erase imperfections; also applies to acne and dandruff.

Maracuja or Passion Fruit

In this non-exhaustive list, we mention the small Maracuja originally from Brazil, sweet, fragrant and soft. Also this rich in seeds, lends it to be enjoyed alone or in combination with fish or in cocktails.

For Maracuja a long list of virtues, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to beta-carotene, help for the intestine and digestion due to the presence of pectin. In addition, lots of vitamin A and the ability to purify the body and fight cellulite and water retention.

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