What is the Gram Compressor Components?

We have talked about various refrigeration and compression technologies in previous articles and webpages, but here we are going to talk about another type of compressor technology that isn’t new in the market but not that common as some more prominent are. We are talking about Gram compression technology and equipment. Gram refrigeration is a Danish-based producer of the industrial screw and piston compressors. Not only these specific types, but they have more products as well with this being their main specialty.

In the late 90s, Gram Refrigeration was transferred and bought by York Refrigeration and they closed it with their original name. With those numbers and productions, there are thousands of working or functional compressor units produced by Gram across the world. We are here to provide and make possible the technical support and technical assistance for users who are more likely to buy and operate with these machines. We also deal with and supply original spare parts for Gram compressors under the umbrella of York Refrigeration with our prestigious trademarks. We get these parts done from European manufacturers who have the skills and expertise to manufacturer those parts and get your processing going with smoothness and profitability.


Being a renowned and trustworthy dealer, exporter, suppliers, and traders of gram compressor equipment and their spare parts, we are a well-established and well-mannered professionals with a skilled workforce and expert in dealing with new and used freezing and compressing machines. We offer a replacement or renewed installation of compressor parts including pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, connecting rods, oil seals, bearings, valves, oil pumps, pressure gauges, and much more. All these parts are manufactured by using high-grade metal that is aligned with OEM standards and can provide excellent quality, together with an appropriate working environment.


Discussing the Gram compressor parts and its requisites to function smoothly, some spares could be acquired by placing an order to a renowned spares manufacturer. These parts include piston pin bushing, bottom plate gasket, connecting rod bearing, end bell gasket, head gasket, valve plate gasket, shaft seal with wear ring, oil pump gasket, service valve gasket, oil strainer plug gasket, suction,and discharge valve spring set.

Some other parts include sight glass gasket, seal plate gasket, discharge service valve gasket, cylinder liner, bearing housing gasket, PTFE gasket, gasket kit, discharge valve retainer, gasket set, suction valve pin, valve plate assly, suction & discharge valve ring set, piston assly, piston, piston pin, discharge valve, gudgeon pin, piston ring set, piston ring kit, oil pump assly, compression ring, oil ring, o ring set, shaft seal assly, service valve o ring, oil pump cover o ring, connecting rod assly, suction valve, and thrust washer, as well as, crankshaft.

These parts could get manufactured through a skilled service that manufacturer parts for used and old machines to carry out your operations. Because these parts don’t come new or factory-made. The production service is no more for Gram compressors, so you have to get your problem solved through a local manufacturer. We also offer this service and get your parts done through a European manufacturer that works with OEM standards, and deliver you quality parts.

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