These Are the Popular Types of Mexican Food

Mexican food is hugely popular all over the world. It’s flavorful and distinct, with many different kinds of cuisine to please any palate. There are many different types of Mexican food, so you’re sure to find something delicious.

If you’ve never had Mexican food before, you may not know what to order. If you’re looking to start cooking Mexican food at home but don’t know where to start, we’ve got answers.

Read on to learn all about the most popular types of Mexican food. There’s something for everybody.

The Most Popular Types of Mexican Food

Most Mexican dishes are a combination of beans, meat, tortilla, and cheese. However, there is a lot of variety within these parameters. The spices and flavorings traditional to Mexican cuisine are warm and a little spicy.

The way meat is cooked is part of what sets Mexican food apart. Chorizo is a popular smoked Mexican sausage, and carne picada is a sizzling way to prep your beef. Our favorite recipe for Carne picada is the one here at


At its core, a burrito is a bunch of meat, vegetables, and cheese wrapped up in a warm tortilla. You’re likely most familiar with the Chipotle-style burrito: beans, rice, meat, cheese, salsa, and more, all in one behemoth wad of foil.

Many burritos are simpler than that, focusing instead on the flavor of the meat and cheese within. As much Mexican food centers around smoked or barbecued meat, the meals are relatively unfussy.


Tacos are the Mexican equivalent of a sandwich. They’re open on top and can be made with either hard or soft shells. Whether to choose a crispy corn shell or a soft flour wrap is up to you.

The interior of a taco is similar to a burrito: meat, beans, and cheese stacked on top of each other. Tacos are usually sold in orders of 2 or 3 and are even more pared down than your average burrito. This dish is simple but filling.


Corn tortillas are cut into chip shapes and then fried. Those chips are drizzled with beans, cheese, salsa, and meat. Nachos are a great platter to share and make a great vehicle for all kinds of toppings.

Nachos can be as simple or loaded as you want. Some nacho platters are veritable mountains of food. Some are nothing more than chips and queso.


Fajita dishes sizzle. They contain strips of meat cut and sauteed in a cast-iron pan among other vegetables. Fajita dishes usually include bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and more.

Fajita dishes are delicious and often vegetarian friendly. They usually come with tortillas on the side so you can wrap up all the goodness in a single bite.

You’re Ready to Take a Flavor Vacation

We hope this guide to the different types of Mexican food taught you everything you wanted to know. You’ll be saying “ole!” when you finally bite into that authentic, cheesy burrito or quesadilla. So go ahead: order takeout tonight!

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