Visiting a steakhouse for the first time? here’s a guide!

Grilled steak, with some fresh salad, sautéed veggies, and mashed potato – That’s like a perfect meal for any day. If you are in love with grilled meats, you should definitely consider visiting a steakhouse. As the name suggests, a steakhouse offers steaks, grilled meats, appetizers, and usually an elaborate mix of drinks, cocktails and mocktails. In Montreal, some of the popular ones include Rib N Reef steakhouse. In case you are visiting such restaurants for the first time, we have a guide below on what you must try.

Know your meats first

There is nothing like Filet Mignon, especially if you are a fan of beef and love the tender cuts. For anyone who likes to feast like a royal with no compromises on the taste and flavors, nothing meats the Porterhouse steak. In fact, the best restaurants only serve limited portions every single day. A Porterhouse steak is always, always huge, and it is often enough on its own. Chateaubriand is another option that you must try, and it remains one of the most expensive options on the menu at most steakhouses. It is usually served with some mashed potatoes and Chateaubriand sauce. Of course, not everyone is a beef fan, so you have to try some of the standard recipes, such as Lamb Chops, and Chicken breast.

The quality of steaks makes a huge difference to the taste. Check for restaurants that use USDA PRIME beef that doesn’t contain any antibiotics. Also, the best steaks are always made in a charcoal pit.

The appetizers and salads

Every steakhouse has its own collection of appetizers, so check in advance. Tartare is one of the best things to try in the appetizer section, and the recipes – either steak, tuna, salmon – are usually prepared on the table. Depending on the restaurant you choose, you may also find oysters, calamari, and even octopus on the menu. In salads, try the classic Greek Village Salad, or Caesar Salad.

Final word

Finally, if you are a new steakhouse and ordering nothing but grilled steaks and meats, do ask for pilaf rice and mashed potatoes. Potatoes when served with juicy bacon can take the meat taste to the next level, especially with juicy steaks. Salads are also worth trying, depending on what kind of veggies you like. Check online now to find the best steakhouse near you, and don’t forget to try new recipes you haven’t tried before.

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