Why Teach Your Children to Cook – Ido Fishman Chef’s techniques

It is said that one can give shape to wet mud in every possible manner unless it gets dried up. This statement is true for almost all small children, when parents want to instill good habits while they are at a tender age. A child always follows the footsteps of their parents or anybody older in the family. So it is very important for a guardian to see whether their children are growing up with the right values and habits which will be helpful for them in the future.

In a family, children are the only ones who always get bored very often. It might be with the games they play or even with the food they eat. Food is something in which they always want variety and taste – anything that is repetitive will spoil their mood. Parents are always trying something new and tasty for their children so that they can enjoy their food and do not create a fuss. Hence it is very important for a parent to make a child understand the values of cooking and the process, which is included in this skill.

Value of Hard Work:

Often parents will think that to teach a child the process of cooking will be a very tough job and this is not the right age to learn cooking. On the other hand people tend to forget how much cooking would bring interest in a child’s mind when they will see a creative process and learn them. A parent needs to also make their children understand the hard work, which is put in the process of cooking. Only then a child will understand how much effort is put into cooking and they will understand the value of hard work.

Cooking lessons teach various values to a child which is also taught in a school. Even many schools have introduced teaching lessons also termed as Home Science, which needs to be taken very seriously. There are many simple recipes of Ido Fishman Chef, which can be taught to a child and it can be learnt in a simple way. Healthy eating habits are very important for a child and this can be easily taught by teaching them how to cook. When a parent takes a child to the kitchen then only they understand the value of nutrition in life. Cooking helps to teach math skills as well to a child.

Safety in Kitchen:

There are various precautions, which need to be taken care when teaching lessons are given to a child. As children are always on the move and restless, parents need to be very careful with some of the critical instruments in the kitchen, such as any kind of sharp objects, any motorized equipment which might cause injury to a child. Depending on the age of the child parents shall give liberty to use certain kitchen equipment. The very first thing which needs to be taught is discipline in the kitchen so that everyone remains safe.

Secondly to start any cooking a child shall wash their hands thoroughly to maintain hygiene, which eventually teaches them good habits. Ido Fishman chef’s videos are very popular among children as they are very simple to learn and also interactive. If a child has crossed the age of ten then he can be allowed to use the simple kitchen tools like a blunt scissor to cut green onions or simple choppers. They can also be helpful in putting the dishes into dishwashers. The important thing is to keep an eye on them while they are at work so that nothing goes wrong and injure these little ones.

Kitchen Math and Bonding:

Simple math lessons can also be taught during the process of cooking. Measurements are a vital role in cooking and by teaching this a child can develop the analytical skills in measurements. Every bit of ingredient used in cooking needs to be very accurate so that the final outcome turns out to be delicious. It is best if a kitchen has a weighing machine for measuring the ingredients so that children can also understand the quantity to be put in each kind of food. Investing time with children in the kitchen also creates a unique bond with them.

Since a constant communication is there while the process of cooking is happening children open up to their parents in a broad way. They can talk about their daily lives and also the activities happening in the school/colleges. Preparation of any food item in front of a child also helps to appreciate their parents. This is because they understand how much hard work is involved in cooking a food item and it is not a simple task to do. So the child gets more matured in asking for food from next time and this eventually helps the parent.

Builds Confidence and Develops Comprehension Skills:

There are so many benefits of teaching a child the process of cooking. When a child tries to cook a new food dish then the best thing is that they will always eat it irrespective of the taste. It might happen that they don’t eat the complete dish but at least they will taste it and understand the value of food. When children make their own food it brings a lot of confidence in their minds.

The fact that they can cook at that age is a proud moment for not only them but also their parents. Nowadays, often parents are not at home always and during that time a child can always make a simple dish of his own to fulfill his hunger pangs. Comprehension skills also develop when children learn how to cook. By reading the recipe books not only develops a reading habit in them but also learns to comprehend things in a simpler way.

Bottom Line:

In Ido Fishman Chef’s recipe book every recipe is written in a very simple way and everyone can be a super chef by following that book. It is very important for any guardian to teach their children the art and the importance of cooking so that they can have a strong future.

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