Supermarket Near Me: Finding a Supermarket Near Your Vacation Rental


In recent years the sharing economy has exploded, and with it, the popularity of travelers choosing vacation rentals over hotel stays. While vacationing or traveling for business, people appreciate the privacy of a well-appointed rental property. Having your own space and conveniences like a fully stocked kitchen can lead to greater relaxation and even financial savings. But, having a kitchen available often leads to the question, “How do I find a supermarket near me?”

Check Your Rental Listing

Property managers and owners are the most reliable sources for finding a local supermarket. Most vacation rental home listings, like Airbnb and VRBO, have sections that detail what’s nearby, including information about the nearest supermarket. Also, it is common for rental property hosts to provide a guide upon check-in, which describes specifics about the home as well as the best of local shopping, restaurants, and attractions.

Yelp and Tripadvisor Reviews

Online platform reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt, but in general, can provide useful insight to the businesses near a vacation rental. Instead of merely putting supermarket near me into Google, you can use the maps in Yelp or Tripadvisor to find the closest and most highly rated supermarket nearby.

Ask a Local

One of the positives of renting a home on vacation that you won’t experience staying in a hotel is getting to know the locals. If you meet a friendly local or see a neighbor out in a yard nearby, introduce yourself and ask them which store they prefer. The closest supermarket may not be the best or offer the freshest products, and a regular customer would know best.

Store Locators

If you aren’t traveling too far out of your region of the country, you will likely find familiar supermarket chains. Perhaps you are a loyal customer of a particular chain and belong to their rewards program. Before arriving at your destination, check out your favorite store’s website to see if they have a location near your rental. Finding a store that you know and being familiar with the layout will make shopping more manageable and help save some time.

Go Exploring

While getting in the car and setting off on an aimless adventure is probably not the most efficient way of stocking up on groceries, it could be the most fun. The point of visiting a new place is to learn a little bit about the area. If you have the time for an adventure, head toward the business center of town. You never know what you may find, and most likely, you will come upon a supermarket sooner than later.

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