Why Using Butcher Paper for BBQ Is a Good Idea


Many people are only familiar with pink butcher paper if they have purchased meat from a real butcher. However, today, it is making a bit of a resurgence in the cooking realm and many people are turning to pink butcher paper for smoking meat and making barbeque.

While this is true, there are still some people who are a bit confused about all the hype around this paper. Keep reading to learn more about what pink butcher paper is, what it can be used for, and why it is a smart alternative to aluminum foil.

What Is the Obsession with Pink Butcher Paper?

Before getting into why pit masters are now using pink butcher paper more than ever before, it is smart to learn more about what it is. Pink butcher paper is a type of thicker paper that includes “sizing.” This is an internal treatment that helps to increase the paper’s strength when it gets wet.

When sizing is added to an already robust and thick piece of paper, it means it is possible to wrap raw meat in the paper and have confidence that it will not turn into a papery slush as it is carried home.

When to Use Pink Butcher Paper

Many people wonder when they should use pink butcher paper, and this is a good question. It is a helpful alternative to aluminum foil, which is commonly used for wrapping meat. Pitmasters are going to usually wrap up meat, such as brisket, to help keep it from losing any moisture at the end of the cooking process. This ensures the meat remains juicy and tender.

Unlike foil, the pink butcher paper will allow the meat to “breathe” a bit, which lets the moisture escape and keep it from getting mushy. It also lets much more of the smoky flavor inside. It is also possible to use the pink butcher paper as part of the “Texas Crutch.” This is a process that involves wrapping up meat to help prevent cases of evaporative cooling and to avoid cases of the BBQ Stall. When the meat is wrapped, it will also cook faster. This is beneficial if someone wants to produce a smoked brisket on a limited schedule.

Wrapping a brisket or rack of ribs can help to reduce the development of bark on the exterior of the meat. This is beneficial if something has cooked somewhat too fast and the person is worried that the crust could get too dark. Be sure not to wrap the meat too soon, because this will prevent the development of a crust completely.

Butcher Paper vs. Foil

The main reason to use pink butcher paper is that it offers several advantages compared to aluminum foil. For example, it creates a highly sealed, heat-reflective environment around the meat and ensures that the meat stays tender.

For those who have never tried pink butcher paper, now may be a good time to try it out. It offers all the benefits mentioned here, and others. Keep this in mind when barbequing.


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