8 Reasons Why Self-Ordering Kiosks make Sense for Restaurants

From booking a taxi, shopping online, to checking-in at a hotel, many industries have turned to automated services as a way to speed up their services. Gone are the days where merely a website would suffice, state-of-the-art technology is what will keep your restaurant relevant in the present business landscape. 

Just from a digital tap of a button, efficiency has spiked and wait-times have drastically reduced. This type of innovative tech is becoming difficult for any restaurant to turn a blind eye. We see large chains have quickly adopted to self-ordering kiosk technology and have seen their sales grow. So here’s a few reasons why your restaurant too shouldn’t miss the impressive opportunities of a Self-ordering Kiosk.

  • Weapon to fight the rise of labors minimum wage-rate

As minimum wage surpass $15 nationwide, the only way to fight it is by installing self-ordering kiosks to your restaurant. A self-ordering kiosk is a long term and a one-time investment plan. And FYI, self-ordering kiosks do not need a minimum wage!

  • Touchscreen kiosks increase average customer ticket size

Studies have shown that with no human interaction, customer prefer to order through self-ordering kiosk. They would double-up their add-ons and place larger orders without feeling judged. However, self-ordering kiosks never forget to upsell or cross sell. With multiple add-ons and promotions and large enticing food imagery would have customers ordering more through kiosk than at the counters, therefore, restauranteurs would experience the order size to increase up to 20-30 percent.

  • Serves more customers

Self-ordering kiosks are known for faster ordering and cutting down long lines. With lesser staff at your restaurant and utilizing a self-ordering kiosk can double the amount of orders placed at your restaurant than placing an order at the counters through the front-of-house staff. 

  • Valuable customer information

Self-ordering kiosks help restaurants learn valuable information about their customers and spending habits. This helps the restaurateur plan on targeted promotions, which could help in increasing sales profits and deepening customer satisfaction. Self-ordering kiosks help restaurateurs make data-driven decisions that will equal to a greater customer satisfaction.

  • Utilizing space efficiently

Self-ordering kiosks do not take up a lot of space- they can be mounted to the walls or provided separate stations. Kiosks can be placed strategically even at shopping malls at high foot traffic areas without any inconvenience to the customers.

  • Self-ordering kiosks can be a digital signage too

Having self-ordering kiosks placed strategically can also be of further advantage. When your kiosks are idle, you can have one of the most enticing ads running on the kiosk or the offers for the day. This way, every passerby will be drawn to order through the self-ordering kiosk. This contributes to higher sales.

  • You cater to every kind of customer

Navigating through a kiosk is self-explanatory so with no staff assistance, customers can order on their own through the self-ordering kiosk. They’ve got the chance to browse through the visually enticing menu to pick out their meals. Whether the customer is in a hurry to grab a quick bite before returning to their busy lives or a non-English speaking customer trying to place an order through the Self-ordering kiosk, a self-ordering can be of benefit to either!

  • Self-ordering kiosks are super easy to manage

There is no need of re-printing fancy menus or offer cards for your customers. You can do it all through the kiosk. Menu item updates from the POS will sync with the kiosk, and orders made on kiosk display in real-time in the main POS station. Further, the self-ordering kiosk can be connected to your kitchen display systems so orders made through the kiosk can be fired straight the kitchen.

Regular usage of self-ordering kiosks can escalate in sales in a short period of time and these profits will go straight to the bottom line of the restaurant. If restaurants are challenged by the minimum wage rate, the lone option is automation. Investing in technology innovations is a one-time cost and helps in the long run. Today we see, many customers are obliged to the convenience of digital trend when it comes to shopping or booking hotels. For them it’s all about convenience, and you cannot turn a blind eye if you want to keep your customers tied to your brand. This is what the giants are doing, and now it is your turn to get in the game!

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