A comparison of Jura E6 & Jura D6

Everyone needs a cup of coffee to start their morning to stay energetic. Coffee is widespread over the years, and the popularity of coffee is increasing day by day. When the manufacturers get massive demand from the coffee drinkers, it motivates them, and they are looking for different devices. There are various coffee maker machines available in the market, and Jura E6 review & Jura D6 is one.

Factors about Jura E6 & Jura D6

This is the frequently asked question by the people who are confused about purchasing Jura E6 & Jura D6. Jura is a leading model of coffee making machine that is manufactured with innovative technologies. There is fierce competition in the market, and each manufacture wants to improve their models. It is consistent and regularly updated its series to create interest in people across the world. When we talk about Jura E6 & Jura D6 review, both have certain pros and cons. To choose the best one among them, consider the below points.

Comparison of Jura E6 & Jura D6

  1. Design & convenience

Both Jura E6 and Jura D6 look stylish and have a sleek design. When it comes to Jura E6, it has a screen control setting on the front, and it has two knobs in its counterpart. The screen display offers more convenience. But when it comes to dimension, then Jura E6 is better than Jura D6.

  1. Capacity

Capacity is the most important factor that you have to consider while purchasing a coffee machine. Well, in this term, both the devices are the same. But in some phases, Jura E6 is the more superior to Jura D6.

  1. Features & accessories

Both Jura E6 & Jura D6 comes with PEP technology. Both machines are made with Fine foam, and they work effortlessly. Well, both machines don’t have built-in smart connect, so you have to connect alternative devices separately.

  1. Flavor

Jura D6 comes with a PEP technology that gives your coffee more flavor and aroma. Meanwhile, the Jura E6 is also equipped with advanced features. The E6 coffee maker somewhere impresses you. It has an intelligent water system that detects if there is any water filter used.

  1. Accessories

Well, last but not least, Jura E6 and Jura D6 both come with different accessories. Jura E6 comes with a 14 oz stainless steel milk container & a 20z cool control basic. Simultaneously, Jura D6 contains a glass milk container & a milk pipe of stainless steel casing.


By reading the above content, you can see that Jura E6 wins the competition. Now it’s your choice which one your order for yourself.

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