Types Of Steak

Knowing the different types of steak will help you to choose the best steak based on tenderness and well as flavour. In the article below I am going to be highlighting all of the different types of steak so that you can have an idea of what each steak has to offer when cooked.

Fillet mignon

According to Hyper Meats, the fillet mignon is the first type of steak and it is derived from the tenderloin, which is a long cylindrical muscle that runs along the spine. The fillet mignon is very tender and easy to cook and because of that it is usually on the expensive side of your budget.The fillet mignon is a type of steak that is very low in fat and because of that factor, it will dry out very quickly when overcooked.


The ribeye is another type of steak and it is cut from the centre of the rib section. The ribeye is sold as boneless or bone-in. It is actually one of the juiciest, tender and flavourful steaks and it tastes better than the fillet mignon although it is slightly chewier than the fillet mignon. The ribeye has intramuscular fat so when you overcooked it doesn’t turn dry like the fillet mignon but instead, it remains juicy. When cooking this type of steak it is advisable to only use salt and pepper so that you do not cover up the beefy flavour of the steak. Furthermore, the ribeye should be cooked on a grill or cast iron pan in order to achieve the best cooking results.

T-bone steak

The T-bone steak is a very common type of steak. The T-bone steak is crosscut from the front of the short loin and it has a T shaped bone that has tenderloin meat on one side and a strip of top loin steak on the other side. The T-bone steak is somehow complicated to cook. This is mainly because the tenderloin park of the T-bone cooks faster than the strip section. Therefore you should always keep the tenderloin section far away from heat if possible.  The T-bone is ideal for grilling and pan frying.

Tomahawk steak

The tomahawk steak is another type of steak that iscut from the rib. It is basically a ribeye that has a rib bone attached to it.  Tomahawk steak is us very flavourful and it has a high fat content. It is also a very thick type of steak that needs special attention when cooking. It is a bit on the expensive side as compared to other types of steak. The best method to use when cooking a tomahawk steak is either to bake or grill it at low heat so that it remains juicy and tender.


The strip is also another type of steak and it is cut from the short loin. In some countries the strip is referred to as the New York strip. The strip has less fat than a ribeye but, is more flavourful than the tenderloin. The strip is usually sold in its boneless form. When cooking a strip you should season it only with salt and pepper. This will help the beef flavour of the strip to really come through. Cook strip on a grill or in a cast iron pan.

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