How to go about finding the best Italian caterer for your next event

Catering at an event is often the game changer from a good event to a great event. Each specialised event has its own theme and way of running so it is crucial that your Italian caterer can accommodate your event in the way you want it to be done.

In a highly competitive market there are many caterers out there who can all provide great services, but which one is right for you? The cheapest one isn’t always the best to go for, so before heading straight to them, take a look at our tips for finding the best catering Milano.

Type of catering

Like we said before, each event can have a different type of catering which is suitable for the amount of people, or the environment the event is set in. In general there are three kinds of catering options which are;

  • Table service – a table based seated event where guests are served around set table layouts. Both food and drinks are served by waiters with multiple courses available.
  • Buffet – a stationary table of food which is kept topped up throughout the duration of the event for guests to help themselves.
  • Reception food – small finger foods or amuse bouches to whet appetites or serve with drinks for a cocktail party or otherwise less formal occasion.

By choosing which type of catering you are looking for, there are already some cuts being made to the long list of results on your search for servizio catering milano. Not all caterers offer all three options but if you are looking for more than one option for a set event it may be best to stay with the same caterer for both.

Availability and reviews

An obvious point but one often overlooked is whether or not a caterer is actually available to accommodate your event in question. If they can ‘fit you in’ as some put it, it may also be an idea to check whether they have any other bookings that same day. This will tell you how much time and effort thay can put in to taking care of you and your guests. If they have another booking to get to they may be rushing you. This is not something you want from a service you are paying for.

Reviews also come as very important research points. If there are multiple bad reviews it may be an idea to steer clear from that caterer. Although some printed reviews may say they’re amazing, you are looking for the real reviews that tell you about the punctuality, customer service and overall experience of hiring the business. 


Always get a quote before going ahead with a chosen Italian caterer. Some businesses have the tendency to increase their prices so it is best to get a quote by giving the number of guests, location and required service. Doing this could potentially save you a lot of money. 

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