Ice Cream and Other Icy Desserts for a Keto Diet

A keto diet consists of reducing drastically your intake of carb and replacing it with fat. Because ice cream is normally high in carbs, most coming from sugar, it actually does not belong in a keto diet. 

Low carb ice cream

But there are several brands of low carb ice cream that is made with fibers and sugar alcohols that do not get digested. Therefore, they do not contribute carbs to a diet and can be used in a keto diet. In fact, there are several best keto ice cream recipe on the internet so you can make keto ice cream at home. 

Iced coffee

One of the best recipes for a keto diet is ketogenic iced coffee. This iced coffee is especially a delicious treat that can keep you cooled off on a summer’s day that is hot and is extremely simple to make. You can indulge in this refreshing iced drink and even feel free to add cinnamon or vanilla for an added touch of luxury. 


Ingredients for this treat include:

  • 1 cup coffee;
  • Several Ice cubes;
  • ¼ cup heavy whipping cream;
  • Vanilla extract that is optional.


The easy instructions are simply to brew the coffee twice as strong as you would normally, then allowing it to cool completely. You then fill a large glass with ice cubes, pouring the coffee in and then the cream. This is ready to be served immediately. 

Tips to make better

If you have cinnamon extract or liquid vanilla or any other flavoring that is sugar-free, you can add several drops. You also can make iced coffee in a blender mixing at a high speed until it becomes foamy and creamy. 

Other recipes

There are many websites that have recipes for all types of ice creamy desserts that can be used in a keto diet. 

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