Olive Oil for Kids

Olive oil is common in use for everyone especially for preparing meals. It’s an ingredient that could change your dining trend. Numerous adults and aged people are used to taking olive oil as the most important part of their diet. 

In this article, we are going to explain the use of olive oil for kids and its benefits. You can add olive oil in kids’ diet and you will also have the option of using olive oil for kids’ body massage. Olive oil is the most effective thing that you could use for kids’ massage. 

It will enhance the massage benefits for kids for making their bones much stronger than ever. 

Extra virgin olive oil contains the following components 

  • Monounsaturated fats 
  • Antioxidants 
  • Vitamins 
  • Proteins 

All these above-mentioned components of olive oil give cardiovascular health, bone strength, and brain health too. So, being a wise mom, while choosing any kind of oil, you should firstly prefer olive oil than anything else. 

Before explaining the benefits of olive oil, we are going to explain here the different categories of olive oil

Virgin olive oil 

While talking about a virgin and extra virgin olive oil, you will know that these oils are produced without any chemical treatment. Cooking foods and salads preparation is the common use of virgin and extra virgin olive oil. 

Lampante olive oil

People are not well-familiar with Lampante olive oil and it’s pertinent to mention here that it’s not appropriate to consume. After refining it, you can consume this olive oil. 

Olive pomace oil

Mostly people like to use olive pomace oil for cooking purposes. Olive pomace oil is actually extracted from the olive pulps. Solvents and heat is usually used for refining and extracting olive oil from the olive pulp. 

Following are the benefits that your kids could receive from olive oil

Here, we are going to explain the olive oil benefits for kids

Olive oil promotes brain health in kids 

It contains omega acids which are leading and very helpful for promoting brain health. With the help of omega acids, olive oil cures the damaged tissues in kids. 

Olive oil prevents cardiovascular diseases

Alongside omega acids, olive oil is also a source of polyphenols. You will find antioxidants which are the main components for maintaining the cardiovascular health of kids.

Olive oil is the richest source of vitamins 

No doubt kids need vitamins for getting appropriate growth and physical health development. So, give your kids olive oil which is rich in vitamins. A little quantity is more than enough for them like 1 to 2 drops are enough for kids.  1 teaspoon is also a good quantity for giving to your kids. 

For finding out the purest olive oil without any chemical treatment, then you should only go for extra virgin olive oil. 


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