Some Tips to Keep Your Food Safe for Camping Trip

Why should you go for camping? Camping often gives you lots of learning opportunities. There will be so much of new experiences, different set of challenges that you might not have experienced in daily life. It also helps keep our brain healthy and improves confidence. Moreover, while on camp you will get more exercise, sunlight and oxygen.

How will be a camp trip without food? It won’t be enjoyable. Moreover, when it comes to camping food, it need not be boring or complicated even if you are new to camp cooking. Visit for easy yet delicious camp friendly recipes. You will also learn how to pack your recipes for camp trip.

Since camp trips often includes lots of physical activities, there will be frequent calls for food the entire day. You can enjoy those food items only if you have those proper storage techniques. Otherwise, food get spoiled or it may attract some dangerous animals. 

Here are some useful techniques to preserve your food for camping trip.

Keep It Cool

Your food supply should be in good condition so that it doesn’t become poisonous. Buy a cooler that has exceptional ice retention. For long lasting results use block ice and dry ice since it takes much longer time to melt. Try not to discard the cold water in the cooler, and it will also help to keep the food cold.

When packing, keep frequently used or items that will be consumed first, on the top and other items at the bottom. Keep beverages in separate coolers. 

Having two coolers are better to one. Otherwise, warm air gets in whenever someone opens the cooler. You can keep the most frequently used items in one and can be sure that other food items remain cold and safe in the other cooler. 

When the temperature is below 4°C, depending on the insulation, your food will be kept cold between 5 to 7 days. It would be useful if take a thermometer along with you. So that if the temperature increases you can finish the food items within few hours.

Keep the cooler in shady spot and keep it away from direct sunlight. Also cover your cooler with a tarp or blanket for an extra insulation. 

Perishable and Non-perishable

Cooking some of your food before camping will be convenient also on the first day. Freeze all the beverages and make sure the lids are sealed tightly.

It would be good to cook your food prior to trip and freeze it. By doing this, you can use them as ice blocks plus, it will stay cold until you are ready to cook them. 

Non-perishable items like canned foods, protein bars, dried fruit, trail mix, crackers, bread, and peanut butter don’t need cooler and you can keep them in plastic or paper bags. Use ties or clips to keep the bags fresh.

Keep It Safe from Animals

Use bear-proof containers if you think the campground is inhabited by bears. Make sure you don’t keep food in your tent. Even waste food in garbage can also attract critters. If you don’t have any idea, ask the campground staffs about keeping food safe from dangerous animals.

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