SynergySuite takes business optimization to the next level

Today’s restaurant marketplace has become a fast moving on-demand ultra-competitive industry. Technology and restaurant software has fallen behind to some extent. Every restaurant owner wants to have a finger on everything that is going on in their place of business. In addition, owners need to understand what their most profitable items are and should learn how to improve on these items and services through restaurant reporting.


What’s going on in my business?

SynergySuite has an answer for restaurant owners who want to truly know their business and see restaurant reporting in an easy to understand format. SynergySuite offers innovative software that provides on demand sales info, profit measurement and can even help the owner identify unneeded costs.

Restaurant owners like things simple.

The best restaurants have flaws. It could be a leak in the ceiling or bad employees or an new dish that just won’t sell. SynergySuite offers real time monitoring software that can oversee and include an entire restaurant from the back of the house to the front on one easy to use interface. Restaurant owners can check their restaurant reporting software to see where they are making the most profit and reorder from a supplier through this same cloud-based interface. The software will also do away with the need to have an employee spend time physically entering data into a ledger. With SynergySuite software time consuming tasks like these are things of the past.

Be Proactive.

Most good restaurants have a great staff. But, organizing meetings, payroll, attendance and safety are all part of this one facet of a restaurant. With SynergySuite’s interface, restaurant owners and managers can organize scheduling, human resource issues, payroll, safety protocols and manage cash reporting within the same SynergySuite program. In addition to the managerial benefits owners and managers who use the software can look at which employees are the most efficient in real time. The software can even send and share reports with employee regarding their performance.

This part of the software is becoming critical to owners as it can assist in confirming that the business is compliant with federal and local laws. The program will keep detailed logs on each employee and the user can even allow different levels of access to his or her staff. This is important in the hiring and training of new employees as you can track progress in real time. During the COVID-19 era, compliance with state and local protocols is becoming more and more important.

SynergySuite software also includes a Human Resource option that will save time and energy when hiring new employees, managing payroll or dealing with human resource complaints and issues.

Who uses this software?

SynergySuite’s technology is making noise in the restaurant industry as; WOWBurger, Tropical Café, Slim Chickens, and The Skinny Pancake have all adopted the software. All if these early adopters have seen an uptick in profitability and owners seem to have more free time.

Why SynergySuite?

Restaurateurs are loving SynergySuite’s new software for several reasons. One of the big reasons is that the software enables an owner or manager to connect inventory level reporting to a point-of-sale device. This gives the manager the ability to identify base inventory levels and make informed real time decisions when they are ready to reorder. This helps the business owner to keep the correct amount of inventory in stock and increases profitability.

SynergySuite software can also aid business owners on the operation side of their business. The best businesses focus on organization and efficiency. The operation-based software uses checklists and direct employee communication to create an inviting organized workplace where everyone feels involved.

The software offers over 200+ checklist options, profit analysis tools, inventory management reports and the end user can also create custom reports tailored to their business.

In addition to the analytic tools and reporting options SynergySuite’s software stands alone. This one program can put all parts of a business on the same stage. The software is Cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about backing anything up or losing data. The software is also mobile friendly and can be set up to send automatic alerts related to your business. SynergySuite is certainly the future of business.

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