How to create your own pizza?

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When it comes to the customer sector, it’s all about personalisation. From attires to home interior, everyone wants more choices in order to get something unique. This concept is not new to food industry as well. Offering customization option to customer, by focusing on fun and speediness can lead to a successful restaurant business.

New ways to personalise

Pizza is one of the beloved baked foods with numerous selections, from Margherita pizza to Thai pizza, to simpler options like pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza. Most outlets have a huge list of ingredients and topping options in order to “create or make your own pizza”, but with cost gets added up in each customization. These tend to cost more than selecting one of the “pre-created” vegetarian pizza or typical meat pizza options. Though the pre-made pizzas come with lot of options, people tend to make their own pizza adding a huge amount of customizability that suits their personal tastes. Some outlets offer unlimited toppings for a lower or fixed price. The days of selecting 4 or 5 ingredients pizza with the option to remove any one ingredient you don’t want are gone.

Pizza designed your way

You can make your pizza the way you want it!

Choosing sauces:

You can choose original sauces, pesto, such as tomato, herb and garlic. The pizza usually comes in fresh garlic, fresh Italian parsley, fresh tomato sauce, and a blend of mozzarella cheeses and parmesan.

Choosing the size:

Pizzas come in small, medium and large sizes! Small (8 inch pizza) is good for single person, while medium (12 inch) ones for more than 2 people sharing, while large (18 inch) is ideal for larger groups.

Picking a crust:

The wood grilled gluten free pizzas can be made with either white or whole wheat dough. You can choose thin, thick or cheese filled crust as per your preference.

Adding toppings:

What are your favourite toppings? Pick in the combination of vegetables and proteins or cheese.

Vegetable toppings: Banana peppers, spinach, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, black olives, basil, pineapple, roasted grape, green peppers, red peppers, broccoli, and jalapenos

Proteins: pre-cooked bacon, hamburger, pepperoni, anchovies, bacon, meat balls (pork or beef mix), ham, roasted chicken, salami and extra sausage.

You can keep the toppings in simple or add fancy ones like white bean hummus, shredded cheese blend, artichoke hearts, etc, if available for added flavors.

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