Things to Remember When Hiring a Food Truck for a Wedding

Hiring a truck catering to an event such as a wedding has become a popular new trend especially in those cities where food trucks have become popular. They cook some of the best food around town and park right by your event allowing your guest to order what they want.

What to remember

If you are thinking about hiring an RI food truck catering for a wedding, here are some things to remember.


Find a truck that serves a variety of food, so that all the guests’ dietary needs can be met. This is especially important if you have a lot of friends who are vegetarian. Do not hire a truck that only serves all meat dishes.

Talk to the owner

Talk with the owners of the truck beforehand. First, make sure they are available on the date of the wedding. Advise them on how many people have been invited and the dishes you would like them to serve. Take time to discuss the costs and what method of payment they expect. These are things you should not be worried about during a wedding.

Where the truck will park

Find some orange traffic cones at a hardware supply store to mark off the spot where the truck will be parked near your house or where the reception will be held – do this the morning of the wedding. And you certainly need to warn the neighbors that this food truck will open there to cater a wedding reception. If you know them well, invite them over.

Dining area

Set up an area for dining that is close to the front of the truck. Place the tables and chairs, as well as garbage cans near-by. Guests can grab some food and sat at a table to enjoy themselves with friends.

This is the easy and best way to cater a wedding reception.




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