Use of Various Tools to make Beautiful Cakes 

Cake decorating is an art which needs clever cutters, elegant piping tips, and various special tools to make them look creative and beautiful. But it does not mean you need a whole bunch of tools to start with. There are some very basic but effective tools that you can use to make flawless buttercream surface. Once you get specialization in the basic things, only the part left is icing it.

Following are the few cake baking tools and equipmentthat can help you in making beautiful and fancy cakes:

  1. Cake Combs: Cake combs are used to make the cakes decorative and attractive. You can use combs to make designs in the frosting of the cakes. Mostly stainless steel combs are used but you can use plastic combs at the initial stages of learning. Combs are one of the best buttercream cake tools used to give the cakes a cool and picture perfect look. A comb with square cut outs is used to make stripes through the buttercream or to carve the edges of the cake.
  2. Parchment Paper: parchment paper has various uses while baking cakes. You can use it at the bottom of the cake pans for an easy release, or you can use this paper for filling the cakes. Wax paper is also available but you should not use it as they are not perfect for baking.
  3. Cake Pans: If you want to make some beautiful cakes, you will need professional cake pans. They have straight bottom which helps keep all the sides of the cake in perfect shape. If you use a proper cake pan, you will not need to straighten the edges of the cake.
  4. XActo Blade or Sharp Knife: In order to cut the cake cleanly, you will need X-acto blade or a sharp knife so that the edges of the cake are not broken. If you have placed parchment paper at the bottom of the pan, the cake will come out just with a flip if a sharp knife is run around the edges. Knives are also used to give shape to the cake by offering sharp curves, strips or other details to the cake. If you want to create precise and smooth lines through the cake, the use of X-Acto blade can offer wonderful results.
  5. Bench Scraper and Spatula: These two are the most important cake baking tools and equipment to give the cakes clean and final coat. Spatula can help spreading the buttercream in an even way while bench scraper can be used to smoothen the icing on the cake.
  6. Turntable: A turntable is another important tool as the swivel of the cake or to take access of all sides of a cake is just impossible without it. You can fill, torte, decorate the cake in whatever direction you like more efficiently with the help of a turntable.

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