4 Most-loved chicken recipes in India

Indian food is famous for its delicious varieties and spicy flavors. The chicken recipes in India especially leave the lingering taste. Chicken dishes in India have this peculiar taste and the recipes are named after the places or states they are made in. The famous Machha Jhola from Bengal, Quasi-Gujarati Chicken, the delicious Chicken Coorg in Karnataka style, the list goes on and on. 

So the chicken lovers get ready to enjoy the famous India chicken gravy and chicken biryani recipe that we bring right to you. 

  1. Chicken Kolhapuri

The Kolhapuri delicacies both veg and non-veg are famous for their spicy taste. Foodies who crave for spicy dishes, you will love the lingering taste of Chicken Kolhapuri. This bold and spicy dish comes from the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Don’t just smell but feel the aroma of this chicken curry that has the heavy flavors from south western India. The dish is made of a mix of ginger-garlic paste, red chilies, yogurt, and lime juice. Every time you taste this curry you’ll fill the flavors explode in your mouth that’ll leave its taste on your mouth and mind for a while. If you’re up for trying another famous chicken dish, you should taste gavran Kombdi famously made in Maharashtra.

  1. Chicken Trivandrum

The famous recipe from the ‘Land of Attraction’ itself. Chicken Trivandrum is a simple recipe that that surely gives you the spicy thrill with the twist of coconut. Kerala is a land of coconuts and spices, and you’ll find the refreshing taste of coconut in the famous dishes like fish, chicken, meat, and poultry. Well, get ready to taste this very spicy chicken dish that’s made of ginger and garlic, red chili and of course, coconut.

  1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Ah, the famous Hyderabadi Biryani! One look at the famous dish and you’d you’re your mouth watering. Straight from the streets of the city of Hyderabad, you’ll find the authentic spices and flavors in your favorite biryani dish. The simmering flavors of fried onions, cooked meat, and mint in the boiled rice will surely win everyone’s heart at the table. This dum-style cooked chicken biryani recipe is a must-try for the chicken lovers.

  1. Chicken Patiala

The list of famous chicken recipes in India won’t be complete without this North-Indian dish. Made in the state of Punjab this delectable chicken curry is filled with the goodness of boneless chicken simmered in a light sauce and an aromatic mix of onion, tomatoes, yogurt, and mild spices. Oh, don’t lose your heart over this just yet, as it has got the twist of poppy and melon seeds, along with tasty almonds and garam masala. Enjoy this Chicken Patiala gravy with warmly served Roomali Roti.

Try these chicken gravy and chicken biryani recipe famous in India and around the world with the authentic taste of local spices in the states of India.


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