5 chef secrets that will change the way you cook forever!

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Whether you consider yourself a pro in the kitchen or a total beginner, you can’t go too far wrong listening to the advice of the world’s most renowned chefs. Below, we’ve put together some of their advice for budding chefs and foodies, which should help you on your journey.

Organisation is everything

Are you the sort of person who gets in a flap whenever they’re cooking for guests? We’ve got you covered. Chefs swear by Mise en place, which in French means everything in place. The idea is that you’ll get all of your ingredients properly peeled, chopped, and measured before you get started – that way, you’ll have everything you need to prepare your food and won’t have to worry about panicking over that garlic powder at the last minute. It might feel like a waste of time when you’re first getting started, but the hard work will definitely pay off!

Prioritise locally-sourced produce

Though it’s not always possible when you’re cooking on a budget, sourcing all of your ingredients locally is a good idea. Not only is it much more authentic and offers you more rich and vibrant flavours, but it allows you to support your local community. So whether you head down to your local butchers in South-East London or arrange milk delivery in Aberdeen, see what local businesses can do for you – and show them that you care!

Do your research before you buy gadgets

The chances are that the fun, fashionable gadget you found in your technology magazine isn’t as good as you thought it was. Chefs would always suggest shopping around and doing your research before you splash the cash on things like coffee brewing gadgets, as it’s so easy to waste money on things you’re only going to use once. Before you commit to buying, read reviews online – start with YouTube, where you can see new kitchen gadgets in action.

Put less in your pan

When you’re roasting, frying, or browning anything, it’s common to put as much in the pan as possible. But don’t! Cooking in smaller batches gives your food room to breathe; whist cramming in as much food as possible will cause your food to steam, lowering the temperature of the pan, meaning no caramelisation. The best idea is to invest in some good quality pans and save one for your meat, one for your vegetables, and one for sauces.

Taste the food as you cook

A good chef will taste their food as they’re cooking it. Have a spoon to one side and you can test your meats, sauces, and vegetables to ensure they’re cooking in the right way. You might find that your pasta sauce needs some extra salt or some spice to give it the punch it deserves – or even realise that you’ve got things wrong and need to start from scratch. Ouch.

Which of these tips did you find most interesting? Let us know in the comments and check back to the Chefs Move blog soon for more advice on cooking delicious food, every day.

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