5 ways to instantly make your Quinoa 10x more delectable

Quinoa is one of the most recommended additions to a healthy diet for fitness enthusiasts. There are a lot of health benefits that come from consuming quinoa (high concentration of protein, amino acids, fibre, etc.). The best thing about quinoa is that you can consume both the plant and its seeds. Like most grains, people eat the quinoa seeds with their regular diets. As for the plant itself, people can consume it similar to consuming spinach or beetroots.

Even after its growing fan-base, not every individual is familiar with the incredible Quinoa benefits. It is one of the very few plants that contain all the nine, essential amino acids. It is high in protein and is gluten-free. Another interesting fact about Quinoa is that it is technically a pseudo-cereal. People use quinoa to cook all of their favourite meals. This way, they get to savour the taste and flavours that hit right home while not compromising on the health factor. Finding the right balance between taste and healthy food is what matters and today, we shall talk about 5 easy-to-make recipes that make your quinoa ten times more flavoursome and appetizing.

Try these recipes and additions – Enjoy your Quinoa the way you want

There are several different recipes you can try and a thousand different additions you can make to your Quinoa. Today, we have focused on the 5 most popular recipes or additions to Quinoa that make it a taste-bud roller coaster:

Cook it in chicken broth – It doesn’t need saying that chicken broth is one of the healthiest and nutrition-rich drinks you can get your hands on. Instead of throwing the broth away or using it for a different preparation, try cooking your quinoa in the chicken broth. You might be a little apprehensive at first but after tasting it you will know it is the best decision you ever made. The goodness of the chicken broth and the quinoa paired with the enticing smell and taste of the chicken broth makes it a delightful way to start your day or even have it for lunch. Also, this is fairly simple to make and it doesn’t require any extra work. You get nutritional value and a savoury meal – all without going through any extra effort.

Add some Oats and Berries to your quinoa – If you decide to cook quinoa the traditional way, then add some berries and oats to it. Not only does this make the bland breakfast a lot crunchier and juicer, but it also adds nutritional value to it. Berries, for example, are great sources of protein and antioxidants that help boost your immune system by flushing out toxins from the body. Oats benefits your body in several ways. They are rich in fibre and other essential nutrients that keep your body healthy, regularly. The benefit of having Quinoa Oatmeal with Berries is you get to have a balanced breakfast – the perfect amalgamation of fibre, carbs and protein. The presence of beta-glucan in oats makes the Quinoa Oatmeal with berries, a perfect choice for people with cholesterol as beta-glucan helps regulate cholesterol levels.

Add Sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, spinach and lemons – A great recipe for whipping up a Quinoa salad is to add sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, some almonds, and lemons. It is a great recipe to try for lunch and it packs the perfect nutritional value to qualify as the ideal protein-rich salad. You can eat this as your main course, breakfast or as a side salad as well. Almonds are a rich source of protein, fibre, and essential minerals and spinach is a great source of Vitamins. When paired with your quinoa to make a quinoa salad, it provides your body with the nourishment it needs regularly. Sun-dried tomatoes are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Plus, they are lip-smacking as well. It is a great addition to your protein salad and with a hint of a lemon or a lemon dressing, you add just the right amount of a tangy flavour that is needed to turn a bland quinoa meal into a mouth-watering and healthy one.

Quinoa Vegetable Soup and Kale – The true essence of Quinoa and its true nutritional value comes from turning it into a soup and this one comprises several different vegetables that make it the perfect way to start your day. You can include n-number of vegetables in this. The more greens the better. This makes the soup crunchier and adds different flavours to it. Add seasonal vegetables that pack nutritional value as well so that you get the right proportion of nutritional value as well. Add bell peppers, dried tomatoes, garlic cloves and carrots to get that extra nourishment. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even add vegetable broth to it. This can be a great addition. All the right amounts of protein, fibre and essential minerals are packed in this soup and adding Kale (rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, etc.) just makes it so much healthier.

Add Cinnamon Toast, cranberries and milk/yoghurt – Who doesn’t like a cinnamon toast and that too when served with some milk or yoghurt and fresh cranberries. It is the ideal way to start your day as when it comes to being nutritious, there is no better meal to get you your nourishment. Yoghurt is rich in protein and helps boost the body’s immune system. Cranberries are a great source of antioxidants. Pairing their goodness with the goodness of quinoa makes it a wholesome and nutritious meal that you can consume anytime you want. Plus, it is quite easy to make. The cinnamon toast adds a different flavour to the recipe as well.

These are only 5 of the many recipes you must try when you make Quinoa for your next meal. They are all nutrient-rich and delightful to taste.

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