Read to Know About Few Interesting Coffee Maker Designs

Most of our day starts with a nice cup of coffee every morning. You can find plenty of different coffee makers in the market, and each of them has its uniqueness.

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Any modern type of drip coffee maker will be a simple device that has come after 30+ years of many new designs and innovations. We shall take up a few of them in this small article.

  • Vacuum brewers

Vacuum coffee brewer makes coffee by using 2 chambers. The machine uses vapor pressure as well as gravity for brewing coffee.

The unique design of the vacuum brewer slightly resembles with hourglass having its 2 glass domes. From its bottom dome, the heat source will create a pressure that will force water through its siphon and will make it get mixed with ground coffee.

  • Coffee percolators

During the 19th century, a coffee percolator was first invented. Its origins are however little uncertain, but the prototype version of coffee percolator was produced by an American-British physicist, called Sir Benjamin Thompson.

Meanwhile, the modern US percolator is credited to an Illinois man called Hanson Goodrich, who patented in 1889. When water in the bottom chamber will boil the steam pressure will get build-up in a coffee percolator. The water will rise through the pot making a fresh coffee brew.

  • Solar coffee maker

A solar coffee maker is an ideal modish choice for all trendy goodies. By seeing a documentary film on harmful effects in our ecosystem by the carbon generated by all of us a designer was encouraged to create this green home appliance.

Besides being eco-friendly, few other remarkable factors of this kind of coffee maker are pod filter, LCD display, hot plate beneath as well as its eco-chic design.

  • The French press

The French Press will use the old traditional method of decoction which is mixing coarsely ground coffee with hot water. After soaking the coffee for about a few minutes in water, a metal plunger will be used for separating the coffee grounds from coffee-infused water. This method is popular even today.

  • Interactive brew coffee maker

Now you can also get the world’s first coffee maker that can also recognize your voice. You just speak and the brew from coffee maker will ask you to give your command and you will end up getting a hot cup of coffee without any hassle during those lazy hours in the early morning.

You just set your clock and then program the timing for brewing just by commanding, and the rest of the job will be done.

Besides that, brew even can talk back and let you know when your coffee will be ready. You will fall in love with this coffee maker by looking at its cool features.

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