7 delicious vegan food trucks you must try

The mobile kitchen is also known as a food truck. It is very convenient and affordable and provides cheaper and tasty food than to go to a dine-in place. Moreover, such food trucks are also paying a key role in establishing knowledge and changing the traditions and culture regarding the food that is served in the streets instead of lavish restaurants. Because it is very easy to handle a food truck then to deal with a whole business; furthermore, many problems are associated with these buildings like paying taxes, permits and managing other facilities. It gives a chance to start a budget-friendly chance to start a business. In this article, we have given details about 7 delicious mobile trucks that deliver food.

  1. FrankenStand

FrankenStand among the most popular food trucks in Los Angeles. They have a spooky theme and offer completely vegan food. The hot dog cart serves sausages and hotdogs, and make people crazy due to their amazing and delicious taste. In addition to this, FrankenStand offers a DIY spice and seasoning bar which is free!

  1. V-Grits

In actual V-Grits is an acronym that stands for the vegan girls raised in the south. This serves as a vegan food truck that has a southern touch in it. V-Grit serves a variety of delicious food like jackfruit sliders, coconut bacon, and a delicious recipe of cheese and nuts. In addition to all this, some items are very famous among the customers. Some of them are barbeque sliders, Mac loaded with delicious items, the hot brown melt, and salads.

  1. Seed On The Go

The menu of the Seed On The Go has a lot of variety of dishes: pie made up of a combination of chocolate, butter, and peanut; sloppy seeds; tofu made up of sweet and spicy tomato along with mayo; tasty grilled onions; and special buns that are baked at home. Furthermore, all of these tasty dishes are for vegetarian people or for them who do not want to eat meat just for a change. Also, the prices are very affordable. They change their menu on a seasonal basis that provides a chance to enjoy seasonal vegetables at cheap prices. Vegetables come and go but their amazing taste remains there forever.

  1. G Monkey

G Monkey has led this business to the next level as they serve food that contains less amount of carbohydrates in it. Hence those who are very conscious about carb intake can easily rely on G monkey. Moreover, they own organic farms from where they obtain biofuel and try to make their business environment friendly. Mayan Sun is their most famous dish which contains home-made cheese, potato tortilla, guacamole, and sour cream that is topped with cashew. There is another dish named Feisty Monkey that is made by noodles, butter, herbs, peanut, and cashew. In addition to this, they also have a business of serving food to the farmers’ market and also caters to many occasions like weddings. Before hiring a wedding food truck, one should keep some important details in mind and then one will come to know, G monkey offers great services.

  1. The Cinnamon Snail

The Cinnamon snail offers an organic restaurant as a mobile vegan. They offer their services in the whole of New Jersey and New York. They are always present in various events: both as private and public caters. Besides, they offer a great number of bon vivant choices throughout the USA. Their most famous item is beastmode burger which contains grilled chicken and other delicious ingredients. They serve a variety of food like in breakfast they offer food along with some Asian touch. Due to their high demand, The Cinnamon Snail has published a cooking book by the name of “Street Vegan”. This is not the end, to meet the high demand they have also opened a restaurant in Manhattan.

  1. Homegrown Smoker

Homegrown Smoker is the most famous vegan food truck in Portland. It is the best BBQ point in the city. The dishes are specially cooked by slow smoke and in the end, they give a touch of Applewood smoke. They do not use any dairy product rather they make the best use of local ingredients and make tasty and delicious food. Smoked tofu in combination with soy curd. Krusty Burger is a very famous dish. It is full of tasty ingredients like roast patty that is smoky, corn crusted, and topped with Jalapeno. They also use grilled buns which make everything delicious.

  1. Shimmy Shack

Shimmy Shack is a well-known mobile food truck in  Michigan. They provide gluten-free meals. Their main objective is to elevate the intake of vegetables and fruits which Americans need very much to maintain health. On the other hand, they also serve food which is very famous among the youngsters like shakes, fries, burgers, and nachos.

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